Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Galaxy S3 mini!!! Its official!

Samsung mobile president JK Shin confirms Galaxy S III mini announcement tomorrow

Well Well,  the Galaxy s3 Mini is going to make its debut at an event in Germany tomorrow..
JK SHIN the mobile chief of the company has come out and said there is a demand for a smaller version "in Europe"  ... so apparently Europeans have smaller hands... well i know i do , so im happy about this! 

Its likely going to be a 4 inch device , hopefully with the same spec as the original although we will have to wait and see tomorrow if thats the case!

Pricing we still don't know, but this will all come clear tomorrow ! 

Whos excited about this device! i know i am, hopefully they price this right and keep the internals basically the same as the favourite S3 4.8

Check back here tomorrow for more updates!

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