Thursday, 4 October 2012

Another Nexus Rumor--- LG OPTIMUS G Nexus?!


Alright guys, here we go again..... Now this has been rumoured to be the next Nexus device.... Anyone else get the feeling that we are seeing alot of rumours from alot of different OEMs... maybe these are the 5 nexus devices that were rumored earlier in the year..

Either way, if this comes out, ill be very excited...  SPECS-

-S4 PRO (quad core)
-2gb ram
-720p display
-adreno 320 graphics
-IPS+ HD display
-13mp camera

There is also rumours of the next iteration of android 4.2 (jelly bean? or keylime pie)

Most likely, its going to be an incremental update, project butter v2 etc... but interestingly it may have a "customization centre" where you can choose stock android, or another OEMs skin... useful ? who knows but customization is always a nice choice to have.

Another "feature" is they may be modifying the home screens to be "tabs"... now that is as little as i know about it, so your best guess is the same as mine, but lets hope they don't ruin home screens as its such a massive feature of android and has been there since day one

I can bet anything we will hear something solid about the next Nexus, or Nexi if you will in the next 30 days... so watch out for that !

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