Wednesday, 12 September 2012

               Iphone 5 Announced ! 

So we finally have the next generation Iphone to ponder over ....


-4 inch IPS 1136 x 640 Display --------- 326 PPi
-1gb ram
-8 megapixel Camera ( New sensor)
-720p Front facing camera . 1.9mp
-Dual-band Wifi

They have also changed the dock connector to  smaller "lighting" port ... great for transfer speed.... bad for all your old accessories... you will now to to hand over more cash to buy an adapter!

Let me know what you guys think, is it worth the upgrade? 
is 4inch enough?

Has Apple forgotten how to innovate?

The floor is yours!


  1. Soooo..... when's the new nexus

  2. lol yea, im waiting for that !maybe we will hear something in october!