Friday, 14 September 2012

iPhone 5...... What Apple missed out

So the iPhone 5 is finally here, here are a few things we know will definitely happen.....

1) It will sell 20million+ in the first month
2)Ifans will love it no matter what

Now i am not going to slate the next gen iPhone because i think Apple make good hardware and good products,
Im also not going to paint every Apple user with the same brush, a lot of my friends are Apple users and they dont idolise a phone!
however, its very annoying when Apple "fanboys" say its the perfect phone and there is no way it could be better.... well if that were true, why do you buy the next one every time!

You may also remember the argument that all Apple fanboys  swore by, in that 3.5inch was the perfect size... blah blah blah... sorry to tell you then... but your beloved company has bumped up the screen size to 4inch! so obviously they thought different ...

Anyway... Check out my youtube video on the 8 features that the Apple iPhone missed out on:

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